$import & /fhir/$import

$import is an implementation of the upcoming FHIR Bulk Import API. This is an async Operation, which returns url to monitor progress. Here is self descriptive example:

POST /fhir/$import
id: synthea
inputFormat: application/fhir+ndjson
contentEncoding: gzip
mode: bulk
- resourceType: Encounter
url: https://storage.googleapis.com/aidbox-public/synthea/100/Encounter.ndjson.gz
- resourceType: Organization
url: https://storage.googleapis.com/aidbox-public/synthea/100/Organization.ndjson.gz
- resourceType: Patient
url: https://storage.googleapis.com/aidbox-public/synthea/100/Patient.ndjson.gz

You post import body with id and can monitor progress of import using:

GET /BulkImportStatus/[id]