Postmark integration

How to configure sending email using Postmark
Postmark is an email delivery service for sending, receiving, and tracking emails. Aidbox offers integrations with Postmark to simplify sending notifications via email.

Create Postmark account

You can do that account by following Postmark Documentation.

Add environment variables to the docker-compose.yaml

You can find more about Postmark environment variables here.

Creating NotificationTemplate resource

NotificationTemplate is a resource that stores the body of a mail message.
PUT /NotificationTemplate/notification-template-1
content-type: text/yaml
accept: text/yaml
template: <b>Hello world! Mustache value from Notification.providerData.payload - {{}}</b>

Creating Notification resource

PUT /Notification/notification-1
content-type: text/yaml
accept: text/yaml
provider: 'postmark-provider' # Provider id
to: [email protected] # Email of recipient
subject: My subject of the message # subject of email
template: # Notification template
id: notification-template-1
resourceType: NotificationTemplate
payload: # Data that can be used in the template
bar: zaz

Call notify method

POST /Notification/notification-1/$send
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