Aidbox Notebooks

This doc will help you get a deeper understanding of Aidbox notebooks and how they can help you on a daily basis.

Aidbox notebooks is a beta. Please join the discussion or contact us if you want to contribute.

A notebook is a single page where you can run code (REST, SQL, RPC) check the output, and complement it with text. Using Aidbox notebook you can easily create custom scenarios with your Aidbox data, save it for later use or share it with your colleagues and the Aidbox community.

So now you can easily:

  • create custom scenarios using different requests.

  • share knowledge with your team and Aidbox community

  • raise questions and report issues related to Aidbox


Notebooks section in Aidbox UI

When clicking the notebooks tab in Aidbox UI you will get to the notebooks page. This page consists of your personal notebooks and Aidbox community notebooks.

Create a notebook

You can create a notebook by clicking new in the notebooks menu. Each notebook consists of a title, subtitle, and a block of cells.

After you create your cell click the play icon to see the answer.

Save a notebook

You can save a notebook for later use or share it with your team. The saved notebook will be available in My notebooks section.

Share a notebook

To share your Aidbox notebook with others and upload it to another Aidbox, simply click on the share button and choose the share method that works best for you β€” either as a file or a link.

If you choose to share as a file, Aidbox will download the notebook as a .html file, which will contain a preview of the notebook.

If you choose to share as a link, Aidbox will generate a unique link, such as, and copy it to your clipboard. You can also share notebooks directly from the notebooks grid.\

Preview a notebook

You don't need a running Aidbox instance to preview a notebook. You can open the downloaded .html file in any browser and view its contents.

Upload a notebook

To upload the notebook click upload button and select appropriate option.

If you selected as file option, upload notebook .html file

If you selected as link option, paste the notebook share link and click upload button

Publish a notebook

You can also publish a notebook and share it with the Aidbox community. The published notebook will be available in the Community notebooks section.

Future functionality would include:

  • Javascript

  • GraphQL

  • Stresty

  • Visualizations

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