Any familiar form editor

This article outlines the basic steps to start designing form locally in any familiar editor

We strongly recommend using our UI Form Builder based on FHIR SDC (Structured Data Capture), which we are continuously developing. The current solution will remain supported but will not receive further development at this time.

Create file.edn with form name in zrc/ forms directory


...zrc/ forms


Don't forget to import the created form into the forms.edn file so that the form is loaded after restarting the program.


{ns forms
 import #{forms.vitals

To design the form, it is necessary to describe some schemes

Go to this page to start designing a form.

In order not to describe the form from scratch, you can copy any suitable form from the templates and make a new form based on it

To debug & test form, it is necessary to open Aidbox console in browser

  • Open http://localhost:8080/ , using login / passwod - admin / admin

  • Go to forms by pressing the button Forms (or by visiting http://localhost:8080/ui/sdc )

  • Find the created form on the Forms & Workflows page

  • Open the created form in Aidbox editor by pressing on the form

Any changes in Aidbox editor in browser will be saved to the local file system in your repository

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