Aidbox Forms Library

Setup and use Aidbox Forms library in your SDC project
When you use aidbox-zen-sdc project as your project configuration - it already has aidbox-forms-library depency and several forms enabled.

Use library forms

To use aibox forms library you need to add it to your project dependencies and enable needed forms.

Add library to project dependencies

{:deps {aidbox-forms ""}}

Enable forms

To enable forms you need add them to import section of your project-entrypoint namespace (or some different namespace which will be loaded)
a) You can import them all by importing library root namespace
{ns sdc-box
import #{aidbox.forms}
b) Or for more precise control - you can add them one by one.
{ns sdc-box
import #{aidbox.forms.vitals
After that, you can go to Aibox Forms UI and see

Change Library Forms

If you need to change one of the library form - you should copy it (as file) from library to your project /zrc directory and edit it there. To preserve your changes you commit them to git and push to remote git-repo.
Library Forms should not be edited manually - only used. Because these changes will not be pushed to upstream. And after restart you will get clean state of these forms.
Last modified 2mo ago