_count & _page

Paging search results

Search results can contain many records, for more convenient work we can use pagination. Available parameters are: _count — total records on the page (default value — 100), page — specific page, output Bundle includes link section with first, self, next, previous, and last page constructed URLs.

GET /Patient?_count=10&_page=3
# 200
resourceType: Bundle
type: searchset
- resource:
total: 206
- {relation: first, url: '/Patient?_count=10&page=1'}
- {relation: self, url: '/Patient?_count=10&page=3'}
- {relation: next, url: '/Patient?_count=10&page=4'}
- {relation: previous, url: '/Patient?_count=10&page=2'}
- {relation: last, url: '/Patient?_count=10&page=21'}