Research possible security issues

This article explains how AuditEvent Viewer works

AuditEvent Viewer

Simplifies research, diagnose and resolve possible security breaches. It is released in May v2305 Aidbox release.

How to enable the Viewer

Aidbox produces AuditMessage resources when the features is active

With Aidbox Configuration project

To enable the Viewer:

  1. Find the file containing the base-config definition. It is tagged with the aidbox.config/config value

  2. Add the definition of the feature

{:zen/tags #{aidbox.config/features}
 :audit    {:enable-audit-messages true}}
  1. Attach the features to the base-config

 {:zen/tags                #{aidbox.config/config}
  :features                features
  :aidbox-license          #env AIDBOX_LICENSE}
  1. Restart Aidbox instance

Without Aidbox Configuration project

To enable the Viewer define ENV variable box_features_audit_enable__audit__messages and restart Aidbox.

For example, box_features_audit_enable__audit__messages=enabled.

How to get into the Viewer

To open the AuditEvent Viewer click the Audit Events menu item in the left sidebar of the Aidbox UI.


AuditMessage resources and their views are defined the way to answer the w-questions:

  • what happened: event type, description and additional event details

  • when: occurred date and time

  • where: request origins and user-agent details

  • who: user, client and sessions

Audit event details

To see a certain AuditMessage details click it. Also there is a raw switcher. It allows see all the AuditMessage content in raw mode.

To filter AuditMessage resources enter query string into the search bar.

Audit event types

The list of supported audit events:

  • user-login

  • user-logout

  • client-init-launch

  • user-grant-access-client

  • client-exchange-code-token

  • client-refresh-access-token

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