GCP Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage is used to store arbitrary unstructured data like images, files, backups, etc. Aidbox offers integration with Cloud Storage to simplify upload and retrieval of data. All examples from this tutorial are executable in Aidbox REST console.

This resource contains credentials for Service Account that has write/read access to Cloud Storage.
PUT /GcpServiceAccount
id: my-account
service-account-email: [email protected]
private-key: "..."

In order to get URL for file upload you should provide GcpServiceAccount id, bucket name to upload to and a filename. To upload data to the bucket, use PUT request with signed URL and provide file content in the request body.
POST /gcp/storage/my-account/my-bucket
filename: sample.txt
# status: 200
# body:
# url: <signed-url>

GET /gcp/storage/my-account/my-bucket/sample.txt
# status: 200
# body:
# url: <signed-url>

You can provide "expiration" query param for both POST & GET queries. It corresponds to a X-Goog-Expires query param which sets URL expiration time in seconds.
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