Release Notes

August 2021 - v:2108 stable

  • Released Aidbox Notebooks. Interactive notebooks for REST, SQL, RPC and Markdown. So now you can create your own notebooks or import community notebooks.

Aidbox notebooks
  • Released a beta version of zen profiling. Advanced profiling with zen-lang to configure Aidboxes and validate data.

  • Added Asynchronous Batch Validation mode to validate data in Aidbox against new profiles

  • Released Aidbox RPC API

  • Supported conditional patch (e.g.: PATCH /Patient?name=foo)

  • Added an environment variable to pass the environment to Datadog (dev/staging/prod).

  • Added history for $load and $import so now when using bulk import you have a source of truth for the history of every resource.

  • Added empty query params remove #238. Please pay attention when using json-schema access policy engine: Fields with empty values, such as [], {}, "", null, are removed before passing request into access policy processing. Make sure to add require check of the fields that are validated by a json schema

  • Fixed some bugs submitted by Aidbox users. Check it here.

July 2021 - v:2107 stable

  • We've released a major Aidbox UI upgrade

New Aidbox UI
  • Updated REST Console (check out the tutorial):

    • Explicit request headers content-type, accept etc

    • Show raw response

    • Added syntax highlight

  • Upgrade Aidbox Java version to 16.

  • Added, to the User grid to improve UX. #397.

  • Improved logging.

    • Reviewed and updated log event schema. The updated schema is available here.

    • Add w_r - templated request URL for better aggregation. For example, requests like GET /Patient/pt-1 will become GET /Patient/? thus allowing aggregate all read requests for monitoring.

    • Log additional db metrics from Aidbox.Dev.

    • Added ELK, Kibana, and Grafana to Aidbox image. So now you can start exploring and analyzing logs from scratch. Check our tutorial on exploring and visualizing logs here.

  • We added a new auth mechanism for authorization Aidbox.Cloud and Aidbox.Multibox users by JWT.

  • Support for OKTA as an external OAuth 2.0 provider. Check out the tutorial.

  • Added Intercom so you can get help directly from your Aidbox.Dev or Aidbox.Cloud.

  • Added a guide on search performance optimization to our docs. Check it here.

June 2021 - v:20210610

  • Added support for Bulk API export in CSV. You can use /[resourceType]/$dump-csv endpoint to generate CSV file in which JSON resource structure is flattened into comma-separated format. Such an option for data export is useful for integrations with external EHR systems.

  • Added support for If-Match header in DELETE operation of FHIR REST API. If-Match is most often used to prevent accidental overwrites when multiple user agents might be acting in parallel on the same resource (i.e., to prevent the "lost update" problem).

  • Added support for additional mime types according to the FHIR specification Accept: application/fhir+json, Accept: application/json+fhir. When one of the headers is specified for your request, the same Content-Type header is returned by Aidbox.

  • Implemented integration with Datadog. Datadog offers cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform which integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, and log management for real-time observability of customers. You can configure it as storage for Aidbox logs. The detailed guide on how to use Datadog monitoring capabilities in your Aidbox-based system you can find here. This is an easy way to leverage HIPAA-compliant log management SaaS platform to unify logs, metrics, and traces in a single view.

  • Logs that are published on Aidbox startup are cleaned up from useless data.

  • SSL connection between Aidbox and PostgreSQL is now supported. Please, read the configuration instructions for more details.

  • Fixed a bug with race condition occurring during CRUD operations with If-Match header. Transaction rollback is implemented for the case when concurrent change happens to the resource.

  • Fixed a bug in the user management module when a second registration for a deleted user resulted in an error.

May 2021.04 - v:20210512

March 2021- v:20210412

February 2021 - v:20210319

  • Builds of aidboxdb for PostgreSQL 11.11, 12.6, 13.2 are released.

  • Aidbox now supports deployment on top of Azure PostgreSQL.

  • Improvements of $changes API: FHIR support, pagination, upper version limit. $changes is now available at the resource level.

  • Enhancement of Transaction Bundle API that allows to populate both resource and history tables in one transaction.

  • During transaction bundle processing attributes of url type that store relative references are now interpreted as Reference type. See the FHIR spec on Attachment data type for details.

  • Enhancement of Search resource that for token search allows fallback to default modifier implementation; (last example in the linked article)

  • Fixed issue with $dump and $dump-sql not allowing CORS requests

January 2021 - v:25012021