Elastic Logs and Monitoring Integration

ElasticSearch Logging

In order to enable Aidbox logging to ElasticSearch, you need to define AIDBOX_ES_URL environment variable:

# Required
# Elasticsearch url
AIDBOX_ES_AUTH = <user>:<password>
# Optional
# Basic auth credentials if there is protection
# Optional. Default value is 200
# Size of elastic search post batch
# Optional. Default value is 3600000 (1 hour)
# Timeout when to post batch if there not enough
# messages to post a full batch.
AIDBOX_LOGS = <fallback logs file path>
# Optional.
# Path to file where to write logs if error while
# posting to elastic has occurred
# If not provided, aidbox will just print logs to stdout
# in case of an errors.
AIDBOX_ES_INDEX_PAT = <format string>
# Optional. Default value is 'aidbox-logs'-yyyy-MM-dd
# Π‘ustom index name format string.
# By changing the date precision you can control
# how often new indixes should be created. Example:
# 'aidbox-logs'-yyyy-MM will create new index monthly
# 'aidbox-logs'-yyyy-MM-W will create new index weekly

AIDBOX_ES_INDEX_PAT formatter syntax documentation is here​

Elastic APM Monitoring

You need to define ELASTIC_APM_SERVER_URLS environment variable to enable monitoring with Elastic APM:

# Required. APM server url
# Optional. Default value is "Aidbox"

The full list of configuration options can be found here.