Licensing and Support

This page covers types of Aidbox licenses and describes Aidbox Support tiers.
Aidbox offers developers a smooth path from a tiny digital health app prototype to a country-wide deployment of a global healthcare solution. Health Samurai is always around to make sure that developers get all the necessary support.

Aidbox Licenses

To start using Aidbox or Multibox visit the Aidbox user portal, create a project and get a standard license. A standard license allows running Aidbox locally or in Aidbox Sandbox for 14 days and then can be extended by the Health Samurai team. You can't use it with real healthcare data or PHI (Protected Health Information). But other than that, you can try all the features of Aidbox and decide if Aidbox is a good fit for your digital healthcare solution.

Product license types:

Aidbox Edition
Aidbox standard license (14 days)
Aidbox standard license
Multi-tenant Aidbox (Multibox)
After you get contract for a standard license you can get additional licenses for development and CI/CD pipelines:
Additional licenses
Development license
A development license allows to store not more than 2 GBs of data in your database.
CI/CD license
A CI/CD license allow to run multiple instances in parallel, but not more than for 72 hours.
You can install, administer, and maintain your own Aidbox or Multibox instance or Health Samurai can host Aidbox for you. To learn more about pricing and hosting options, please get in touch with us.

Production-ready Aidbox as a SaaS

You can get a turn-key production-ready Aidbox as a SaaS to start your development in minutes.

Aidbox for education

For non-profit educational institutions the Health Samurai provides stantard Aidbox and Multibox licenses that can be used for instructional and non-commercial academic research. Please contact us for more information.

Aidbox Support

We know that starting with new technology is a challenge. That's why we are inviting Aidbox users to subscribe to one of Aidbox Support tiers from your first days with Aidbox. It might be the time when you need Aidbox Support the most.
Health Samurai offers four support tiers: Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Below is what you need to know about each of them:
Aidbox Support
What is included
Basic Support
  • Account manager
  • Basic Aidbox consulting
Professional Support
  • Chat with Aidbox engineers
  • Monthly video conferences with Aidbox engineers
  • Priority fixing of non-blocking issues**
  • Priority release of new Aidbox features**
  • Aidbox performance optimization consulting
Enterprise Support
  • Chat with Aidbox engineers
  • Weekly conferences with Aidbox engineers
  • Aidbox product enhancement or feature release**
  • FHIR and Aidbox consultative review and guidance
Ultimate Support
  • Custom Aidbox build
  • Dedicated Engineers
  • Aidbox development for the Client
  • Participation in the Client’s project launch
** - during the next three releases

Professional services

If you have a development team ready to start, but need that extra expertise to get started or move faster, we can help you at any stage. Aidbox professional services include:
  • Production-ready deployment as a project
  • Development quick start training
  • Operations quick start training
  • Migration from another FHIR server/platform to Aidbox
  • Project bootstrapping
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Major version upgrade
We can also work with you to build a custom engagement that suits your needs. Please contact us for more info.

Aidbox Trial

Aidbox license can be received for a trial period at no cost with the purchase of Aidbox Support. Do not fight your problems alone; get Aidbox Support and Health Samurai on your side!
  • 1 month with Basic support
  • 2 months with Professional support
  • 3 months with Enterprise or Ultimate support
To learn about pricing, please get in touch with us.
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