Task API

Task API is service for executing and monitoring expensive asynchronous operations which in the context of this API will be called tasks.
API consists of two services:
  • Task-service is a service that controls whole task life-cycle (start, fail, retry, etc.)
  • Executor-service is a service that execute tasks defined as part of Aidbox (for example: Archive/Restore API tasks).

Start using Task API

To start using Task API you should define a few services in your Aidbox service configuration:
  1. 1.
    Include task and executor services in your Aidbox service configuration.
    {ns aidbox-with-task
    import #{aidbox awf.task awf.executor}
    {:zen/tags #{aidbox/system}
    :services {:task-service awf.task/task-service
    :aidbox-long-pool-executor-service awf.executor/aidbox-long-pool-executor-service}}
  2. 2.
    Restart Aidbox.

Task UI

If all services running correctly you would see Tasks icon on navigation bar and use built-in Aidbox Tasks UI:
Tasks UI
Expanded task