Release Notes

Last updated 3 days ago


  • Subscriptions $poll operation and webhook channel: Subscriptions;

  • Fixed Aidbox to FHIR data transformation bug when polymorphic attributes wasn't properly handled in recursive elements such as QuestionnaireResponse.item

  • Support _total search parameter (_totalMethod=count also works)

  • Support page search parameter (_page - also works)

  • Added $query - SQL query into REST Endpoint

  • ‚Äč_query - custom search related to resourceType

  • Implemented Compartments for requests like /fhir/Patient/xxx/Observation; Compartments are defined with CompartmentDefinition resource

  • Observation/$lastn is accessible as a part of Patient's compartment: /fhir/Patient/ID/Observation/$lastn

  • Implemented :iterate modifier for _include search parameter

  • Refactored FHIR search engine internals to leverage PostgreSQL's GIN index

  • Add Box-Name headers (allows to specify box, without changing the url)

  • Implement full-text search with RUM indices (requires PostgreSQL 11 with the rum extension)

  • Experimental support for FHIR 4 resources and search parameters


  • Introduced refresh tokens into oauth module;

  • Implemented /Observation/$lastn and /fhir/Observation/$lastn endpoints;

  • Support __debug=policy parameter to inspect and debug request authorization layer;

  • CapabilityStatement metadata endpoint;

  • Added If-Match header support for atomic updates;

  • Fix metadata migration bug (fixes issues #16 and #6)

  • Added complex engine for AccessPolicy resource


  • Started to reflect all the changes in the CHANGELOG.