Setup Aidbox.Dev

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Getting started with Aidbox.Dev.


License obtaining

1. Visit and register on License server then click the Get a license button.

2. Enter a short description of your application and select the Aidbox.Dev product.

3. Congratulations, now you have a license key.

Start Aidbox.Dev

Clone our official documentation repository with sample applications and installation instructions.

$ git clone

Go to the cloned directory.

$ cd devbox

Open the license.env file and insert your License ID and License KEY . Or download and move your license.env file to the devbox root folder.


After that, run Aidbox.Dev.

$ docker-compose up

That's it! Aidbox.Dev is running and you can point your browser to http://localhost:8888/ to see a fancy welcome page.

Getting Started

Learn how to obtain access to the REST Api by link below